ALUMNI PROFILES - - September 2003

Santosh Sivan

Pursuit of excellence isn't the only thing he carried from Loyola.


It's the start of a Mani Ratnam movie and credits are flickering on the screen. As 'Cinematography: Santosh Sivan' appears, film-goers of Trivandrum break into thunderous applause. They know that they'll be treated to stunning visuals.

Santosh Sivan's work appeals to a range of movie-buffs -- from master film-makers who sit on award juries at international festivals to lay viewers in a Kerala town. Winner of 6 National Awards and numerous international awards, Santosh Sivan symbolises excellence.

It turns out that pursuit of excellence isn't the only thing he carried from Loyola.

"I owe Asoka to my History teacher in school. He'd take class for us after lunch hour. He'd walk across the class as if he was leading the soldiers and enact every single incident" recalled Santosh when the movie was launched.

In between ad-films and awards, Santosh Sivan maintains ties with the school and alumni. He is a LOBA member and was the Chief Guest at LA Fest 2002.

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