Biography of P.T. Bhaskara Panicker

In 2007, the New India Foundation awarded me a fellowship, to write a biography of social activist P.T. Bhaskara Panicker (PTB).

If you have never heard of PTB, chances are that you are like me -- you grew up in an English-medium school, you are less than 50 years old, and you were never involved in communist politics. My book is for people like us. Through PTB's life story, I aim to take the reader through the exciting terrain of 20th century Kerala history.

If you knew PTB personally or have heard of him, you will be glad that someone is finally writing a book about the man. So, why not share with me your expectations from the book? Or any little-known information or insight you have on PTB. A postcard from him, your recollection of an incident involving PTB, old pamphlets and magazines,...all these will help me reconstruct his life. Original materials, after my use, will be returned to you. In case you have a lot to say, and can spare two hours for a voice-recorded interview, I will try to arrange a visit to your house. Please contact me.