ALUMNI PROFILES - - 5 January 2004

Prathap Suthan

When you see India Shining, there's a Loyolite behind it.


In October 2003, when the Indian Government wanted to sell a rosy picture of the Indian economy and the reforms programme, it selected leading ad agency Grey (India). The campaign developed by the creative team at Grey caught public attention for its catchword "India Shining". The slogan was coined by Loyola alumnus Prathap Suthan.

On New Year's Day 2004, Prathap took charge as National Creative Director at Grey (India). "Just as always, the focus will be to exceed and excel," said Prathap, as he slid into the top slot. His teachers will be pleased to hear that. Jesuits have always laid emphasis on "magis" (striving for excellence).

Loyola got a taste of Prathap's creative juices in 2002, when the notice-board came alive with his posters for the silver jubilee reunion of Boys of Seventy-Seven (BoSS). The posters projected his batch's diversity and energetic spirit. While designing them, he combined nostalgia and humour, using Loyola-isms of a bygone era, like "God Promise".

Prathap is a member of the Old Boys' Association and attends reunions when he is in Trivandrum. His brothers Pramod P Suthan (1980 ICSE) and Pradeep P Suthan (1985 ICSE) also studied at Loyola.

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