NOBLES on the Net

Writing for a school alumni site (2003-'04).


Planning content, writing.

The big picture

The e-newsletter was to be the monthly channel to communicate with the Association's members. It had to promote the website and the organisation as tech-savvy, quality-conscious, useful and interesting.

The small steps

  • Snappy writing: For quick reading, every news item was summarised in 1-2 lines. Each e-newsletter had 4-5 news items.
  • Informal writing: Departing from the formal tone of the website, the e-newsletter was written in witty, informal style.
  • Subscription usability: Usability principles in e-news subscription were followed to build a positive image at the beginning.

Notes on writing for lobaglobal (the e-newsletter's website)
Notes on designing lobaglobal (current version)

More editing examples