Editing an alumni newsletter (2003-'04).


Planning and writing content, editing submissions. Publishing.

The big picture

To improve the quality and appeal of the newsletter, by raising its credibility.

The small steps

  • Content planning: The idea was to provide more 'new'sy information regarding the school and alumni, and thereby make the newsletter interesting. Re-introduced 'alumni profile' story, and gave it a professional, journalistic look.
  • Writing style: The newsletter was traditionally written in a largely informal, rambling tone. The previous year, it had turned a bit newsy, but it still retained traces of 'feel good', self-praise writing. I changed it to fully newsy, and tried to give an independent flavour (e.g. where an alumni event or institution had weaknesses, we did not shy away from admitting these)
  • Production and distribution: Mobilised fresh alumni volunteers and involved them in the distribution process.

Notes on designing LOBA News
More editing examples