The Loyolite 2004

Designing the annual magazine of Loyola School


The brief was to produce a "simple, and sleek" magazine.

The big picture

Schools, typically, focused on what was printed (the content) rather than how the matter was presented (design). Over the years, DTP shops entrusted with design had created a 'school-mag-type' design that turned stale. We had to give a fresh look, and my elementary knowledge of design proved useful. By changing the way people conceptualise a school magazine, we tried to raise the benchmark in the city.

The small steps

  • Dominant typeface and big-size headings: For body text, instead of using diverse typefaces available at the DTP centre (as was the local custom), we relied on a single one to bring in simplicity, and a serif typeface for readability. Similarly, for headings too, we relied on 2-3 sans-serif typefaces, but gave a bold look by choosing a bigger font-size.
  • A 'professional' uncluttered look: Photographs were made to 'bleed', white space was used liberally. Reporting section was modelled on mainstream newsmagazines.
  • Student involvement: In addition to editorial work, student editors were encouraged to pay attention to design aspects. Some editors honed their Photoshop skills and picked up PageMaker.

Notes on writing for The Loyolite 2004
Notes on editing The Loyolite 2004

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