LOBA News 2004

Designing Loyola alumni newsletters.


To improve the quality of newsletters produced by the old boys' association (OBA).

The big picture

By the time I entered the scene in 2003, Loyola OBA newsletter had started paying attention to design aspects. Learning from my design mistakes in the September 2003 edition, I started my work on the February 2004 edition with a simple principle: design must adjust according to content.

The small steps

  • Smaller page-size: The alumni newsletter, typically, is a compilation of news-in-brief items. On double column A4 size, these items appeared very small (2-3 lines each), forcing editors to write 'extra' to fill space and give the news item a 'respectable' size. It prevented the newsletter from being tightly written. So, I experimented with the smaller page-size.
  • The cover page: I introduced the idea of having a cover page, with a photo to arouse curiosity and amusement.
  • A 'professional' look: Photographs were made to 'bleed', white space was used to give breathing space. The layout of a profile article was inspired by mainstream newsmagazines.

Notes on writing for LOBA News 2003-'04
Notes on editing LOBA News 2003-'04

More design examples